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Q1:  What is the process of renting from your website?


  1. You can browse through our website, choose individual item(s) and/or our pre-defined packages,and Add the selected item(s) to your cart.
  2. After the completion of your product selection, you are required to pay refundable deposit (2 month's rentals in most cases) and shipping charges (on the basis of your location).
  3. Upon completion of step 2 above, you will be asked to send us certain documents on the basis of email sent to you. After receiving all the necessary documents, our representative will perform the credit check and call you to fix a convenient time for delivery once the material is ready.
  4. Our representative will come to deliver and install the item(s) at your place and you will have to execute the contract and hand over ECS/NACH (for the remaining months of the contract).

Q2: Do I need to sign any contract? What documents are required from my side?

Yes, you will have to execute a contract/Agreement with us at the time of taking over the possession of the rented item(s).The contract will contain all the terms and conditions of the renting arrangement. We will also require the following documents from you prior to delivery of the item(s):

  1. Copy of PAN Card.
  2. Salary Bank Statement for last 6 months.
  3. Address Proof: Copy of Rent Agreement/Passport/Voter I card (an affidavit in case none is available).